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water. >>> and good morning, i'm laurence scott here at the america's cup. in a couple of hours, we will have louis vuitton cup challenger series racing for you here, artemis racing going against luna rosa. going to talk a little bit about the technology that goes into these race telecasts and just where "artemis" is upon their triumphant return, coming up. >>> talk about the weather out there for america's cup racial, wind likely playing bigger role in today's race. they are going to be a little bit stronger out there, about 20 north knots, 23 miles per hour. chilly in san francisco. the big weather story, showers on the way. that's right, showers tomorrow morning. tell you where and when. >>> president obama on a publicity tour talking about spying and housing and jobs. we will take a look, coming up. >>> okay, and do you think there's anything wrong with this t-shirt? why parents want it to be pulled from store shelves. >>> america's cup racing action is back on the bay today. in just a matter of hours two teams will hit the waters as part of the louis vuitton cup. nbc bay area's
king shared his dream for america with america. dr. king was the passionate voice that awake and the conscience of a nation and inspired people all over the world. the power of his words res son nated because they were spoken out of an unwavering believe in freedom and justice, equality and opportunity for all. let freedom ring was dr. king's closing call for a better and more just america. so today, people from all walks of life will gather at 3 p.m. for bell-ringing events across our great country and around the world, as we reaffirm our commitment to dr. king's ideals. dr. king believed that our destinies are all intertwined and he knew that our hopes and our dreams are really all the same. >> we have been listening to oprah at the national mall talking about what happened 50 years ago on the national mall. also there, of course, the president, mr. obama is there he is going to be speaking as well as former president bill clinton and jimmy carter. you can watch all of these events unfold live on our website. just log on any time to see this happening live,
on america's got talent. now this group of aqua nuts is ready to entertain bay area fans this week. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> officials with oracle team usa will depend themselves in front of an international pan this will weekend. team officials are accused of illegally modifying boats used during exhibition races last year and earlier this year. team oracle has already been ordered to return the trophies it won from those races. the team's ceo said in an e mail to the jury he had no knowledge of the alleged modifications and they were apparently made by a small number of team members acting on their own. today's hearing was pushed back to saturday. >>> well, they swam their way onto "america's got talent" ain their trademark high heels now the aqua nut please pair for their fall swim s
on suspicious sus suspicion of dui >>> the first time since a deadly accident, a team in the america's cup sailing vase finally set to get back to competition. team artemus' boat cap side, you may recall, back in the may, killing an olympic sailor and o nbc beay area's christie smith s with the swedish team, where they are ready to get back on the water for two hours. >> reporter: a huge day for artemis racing, the crowds are starting to show up this morning and asking about it. i want to step aside so you can see the beautiful view out here this morning. this all happening just three months after their america's cup boat capsized and their crew member and dear friend was killed. they were ready to sail aboard big blue, their new 72-foot-high performance catamaran only launched in late july. we saw this morning around chrissy field. artemus will take on luna rosa in a best of seven louis vuitton cup semifinals today but it has been a long road back. on may 9th, crew member san drew simpson was killed when their first boat capsized during training. in some ways though, being back has helped
for a virgin america flight. passengers aboard flight 353 were forced to make an unexpe unexpected stop in san jose after the plane almost ran out of fuel. the flight was bound for sfo but fog delays kept them from landing there and the plane didn't have enough fuel to circle so it was diverted to mineta san jose where the plane refueled and took off once again for sfo. it landed just after 11 last night. >>> the own others of a redwood city apartment complex that caught fire last month now being taken to court for that incident, along with a brand-new set of claims. the hallmark house affordable housing complex caught fire on july 7th, displacing 97 people and some resident there is now filing suit against the owner of the complex, kdf hallmark lp for lost belongings. the company was also sued in march by two residents who claim they suffered carbon monoxide poison from a clogged wall heater. a judge will get an update on that case's progress some time later today. >>> hundreds of students on the peninsula are taking tests in the middle of summer. no, these are not planned. nbc bay area's bob
in the america's cup sailing race this has been a soap opera. the defending champion, oracle team usa, now accused of cheating. the america's cup international jury investigating reports oracle's ac 45 catamarans had illegal modifications during exhibition races back in 2012 and earlier this year. these boats are different from the ac 72s being used -- the ac 72s being used in the louis vuitton cup and america's cup finals being held in san francisco right now. the team's ceo said he had no knowledge of these modification bus retroactively withdrawn the team from events the modified boats actually raced in. >>> now to a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report, on the record for the first time since the series of investigative unit reports, the head of the california department of toxic substances control is answering questions. debbie ravel admits her department was not meeting its mission. the department is tasked with protecting us from polluters. >> how do you feel when people say regulators are falling down on the job? >> i would say that it's a little extreme to say we are f
city in america to raise a child. the site says it will cost you a whopping $41,600 after paying for housing and child care. second on the list, santa cruz, where parents paid almost $39,000. new york city is third on the list of almost 37,000. san francisco is fourth at almost 36,000 and boston placed fifth. >> expensive diapers. >> you feel so bad about not having any kids. >> saving money, right? >> i guess so. >>> well, shares in apple crossed back over $500, shares on news an activist shareholder had bought $1 billion worth of stock. >> wow. stock mcgrew, activist, shareholder or you say corporate raider. >> well, tomato, tomato, called both, right? not sure how much stock carl icahn has. bloomberg says it is more than $1 billion worth. but whatever it is, it is enough to get the company's ceo to take your phone calls. icahn says he has talked on the phone with apple ceo tim cook, encouraging cook to authorize a bigger apple stock buy back, which would drive apple share prices up even further. and that's basically how activist shareholders work, they see a change that needs
of that generation and to have observed the changes in america since then is just -- just profoundly humbling. >> cobb says she is so grateful for the experience. >>> days before dr. king's "i have a dream" speech way back in 1963, he made an appearance on nbc's "meet the press." that complete interview is now being replayed this sunday right here on nbc bay area. current "meet the press" moderator david gregory, talks about the significance of that television appearance and what we can learn from it today. >> well, it's the meaning of the dream 50 years later. and that's where we really pick up on "meet the press" this sunday. it is referencing and seeing this appearance on "meet the press" and then 50 years later, talking about what the dream meant then, what does the american dream mean now? >> you can watch our "meet the press" special edition, remembering the dream sunday morning at 7:30. we also have much more on our website,, including a slide show with the photos from way back on that historic day in 1963. >>> moving on now to business and tech, a big shakeup this morni
. >>> still to come, the america's cup's racing heating up all week long. >> tell you what to watch for, after the break. [ female announcer ] with box tops for education and safeway's ten percent back to school program, now there are two ways to earn cash for your kid's school. from august 14 through september 10, look for products marked with the 10% apple tag. and earn even more by signing up for ebox tops at almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one... ah, forgot jack's cereal! [ son ] what's for breakfast? um... try the...number one. yeah, it's pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. > >>> everybody at home, put your hands up and scream. >> a manually scream. >> the santa clara amusement park will stay open two hours longer in honor of national roller coaster day. >> that is spectacular. >> this means the park will not close until 8:00 tonight. >> throw your hands up. >>> all right, expect a lot of drama on the san francisco bay this weekend as the louis vuitton cup finals officially get under way, starting tomorrow. emirates tea
. >>> thank you very much. coming up after this break, a monumental honor for a local hero receiving america's highest military honor. >>> a stock exchange merger and a super model all ahead in business and tech. >>> before that, which mtv video music award performance left will smith and his kids lock jawed and speechless? brace yourselves. we're giving you a little glimpse coming up next.a(i÷ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar. >>> these two individuals stole luggage from other flights that were diverted there after the deadly crash in july. prosecutors say thomas took clothing from the bags to a nordstrom's store and then got $5,000 for those items. more stolen items were allegedly found inside that couple's home. >>> also some san francisco police office
all the america's cup things going on right now, the half-marathoners get all the way out to the golden gate bridge. >> that's the orange one, right? >> the big orange one. if you get past that, you have gone too far, then you come on back, you know, at&t is the finish line for the 5 k, 10k and half-marathon. that is the most scenic part, finishing right on the field. >> balls the giants are out of town in tampa bay this weekend no conflict there >> exactly. >> this morning, the participants, 18,500 of them can start coming in, getting their swag. you have something there in your hand. what does everyone get? >> we got here the romo runner bobblehead. every participant is going to get this little bobbling head runner, sergio row mothers closer for the giants has been a huge supporter of the event, gave up his pant to wear running shorts and we are really appreciative of sergio. >> this, of course is hedge the open hand project. why that cause? there's so many causes out there? >> the giants have had a relationship with project open hand for years and years and used to have
at the plight of millions of undocumented immigrants in america. now the bay area and the tech industry in particular has a strong stake into what happens to immigration on capitol hill. reform would help make some of those h 1 b visas available, more of them, to the tech companies who, in turn, could allow them to hire more highly skilled workers from outside the u.s. back to you. >> scott, as always, appreciate it. >>> well, there's a new millionaire in town, in the south bay to be specific. no, not the huge powerball winner but still a monumental winner. a lottery ticket sold in lo los pedes worth $1 million. it had five of the six numbers. nobody had all six of the magic numbers so the jackpot rolling over to about $400 million for wednesday night's drawing. now the winning numbers from saturday, get those tickets out, ladies and gentlemen, 24, 36, 21, 45, 42 and the powerball, 15. and that means i got none of that. >> you didn't win? >> none of that. >>> you can still buy a ticket for wednesday. >> keep hope alive. >>> let's talk about another number. we're not going to give the ag
. >>> meantime, they will start the preseason last night at taking on the people they call the america's team. sorry raiders fans, the game will be blacked out in the bay area, meaning you will have to be at the stadium if you really want to watch them. i guess you could listen to them on the radio. >> i guess some i have it, but have you ever wanted to run with the bulls. >> i don't know a lot of people that do want to do this, fun to watch the guys bounce around like pin balls, see the thrill see putting their bodies on the line every year in pamplona, spain. who needs spain? >> june 21st next year, these guys will be running through the streets, hopefully not down my street, for an event known as the great bull run. the exact location has yet to be determined. 500 people, already signed up to participate in the bay area running. >> they hate car, how do you explain that to your insurance company? >> i want to do a story on one of these people who want to run this. contact us at the station. the question remains why would anyone want to do this? >> why does anybody want to do anythin
. >> the america's cup continues today with the teams all tied up at 1-1. italy's4# luna rosa claiming i first victory against new zealand withdrew from the race yesterday. the races 3 and 4 were postponed until today because of dangerous conditions out on the bay. the winner of the best of 13 series will be facing team oracle in the finals. today's race starts at noon. you can catch it on cozi tv. on your dial that's comcast channel 186 or on their channel 11-2. let's get a check on monday's forecast. >> right now san jose, on our way easily into the 90s this afternoon. nothing but sunshine right now. later today we'll start to see the clouds spilling on in. right now 81 san jose, 89 in livermore, san francisco 65. when things heat up quickly inland, just like clockwork, 2:00, 3:00 we'll see gusty winds in san francisco. it may get over 19 knots. the threshold for the mesh's race at 2:00 in the afternoon. 24 hour temperature change running warmer than yesterday. livermore yesterday was 102 degrees. is we a so we're off to a very warm start. that will change at 2:00 today. temperatures heat up
to you. >> we love that. thanks, christina. >>> what about this, america's cup, weather permitting today, christine says, weather permit the louis vuitton cup finals will resume on the san francisco way in about 30 minutes, an hour and a half, at 1:00. luna rosa that's 90 minutes. luna rosa and emirates team new zealand slated to take part in two race today. the kiwis lead the best of 13 series two races to one. weather played big factor today in each race. one of the competitors had to drop out because of equipment problems. the races will air right here on nbc bay area, which means a scheduling change to talk about. >>> still to come, first the super bowl, now another huge event, tell you what could happen at levy stadium in santa clara. stay with us. the critics agree, build your own pancakes part 2 is a hit! i put caramel and bacon, says bobby. i like it when syrup goes down the side, says jenna. and michael was left speechless. build your own pancakes are back for a limited run, only at denny's. >>> lebron james could be in trouble with police all because of this online post. >> pol
alternative comics in san francisco. - san francisco? i asked you to find an actor from middle america, a real person. you're not going to find him in the people's gay-public of drug-ifornia. - jeez, relax. i'm also setting up auditions in toronto. - canada? [chuckling] why not just go to iraq? the television audience doesn't want your elitist east coast, alternative, intellectual, left-wing-- - jack, just say jewish. this is taking forever. - stop trying to amuse yourself
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16